Ending The Serving To Relationship

2017-11-07 14:57:05

A Helping Relationship?

A serving to relationship will develop by different stages towards attaining its aims. It may be troublesome for the speaker to move away from the relative safety of this kind of relationship, as in comparison with different forms of relationship they could have which feel less useful or protected. It may due to this fact be easier for these involved if the ending is managed gradually rather than all of the sudden. It is usually helpful if the impending finish of the connection is overtly discussed beforehand so that any feelings about it may be shared.

In a formal counselling relationship, the boundary setting on the outset of the relationship could have covered agreement to what number of classes would be required. Generally the boundary can embrace an choice to continue, again for a finite period of time, if listener and speaker agree. In either case, the ending will come and is best managed on the basis of no surprises and with all expectations and concerns about it managed in advance.

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