Feedback That Sticks

2017-11-01 19:47:06

Have you ever given someone feedback that they can then ignored?

Just because you offer feedback doesn't mean that it's accepted. Feedback done poorly can produce undesirable results: demotivating an employee and potentially damaging the connection. Perhaps this is why a lot of managers neglect to give feedback whatsoever.

As you've probably experienced from being on the receiving side with the conversation, there is more to giving feedback then simply receiving the words out. Yet, most feedback models focus read more about delivering a note according to some rules, as an alternative to delivering it in a manner that ensures it is actually received.

Common Wisdom About Feedback

Here's a directory of existing advice about structuring and delivering feedback:

All of such suggestions are fine and helpful. But they won't guarantee the feedback will have the specified outcome.

Upgrading Your Feedback Delivery

We care less regarding the structure of feedback and more in regards to the intent and content. Some tips on delivering feedback that sticks:

Let's discuss that last item. If you do little else from either list, try giving feedback that honors a person's brilliance. That is, give feedback negative credit what's important to them, not you. For example, an employee in Corporate Finance may pride herself on submitting error-free reports. A colleague in sales may worry about being factually correct at the same time, but what really matters most to him could possibly be understanding and connecting with the client. The feedback you allow is more prone home furniture to stick if, of these examples, you frame the feedback you allow towards the Finance employee around the way it can forward error-free work, while talking using the Sales employee in regards to the actions he could take to assist him see the client more. In the same way, praise that acknowledges areas they love could have a much greater impact.

People rarely tell you directly what motivates them. Here are some suggestions for determining what matters most to a someone:

And, you can ask:

Connect, Calm, Caring

Instead when attemping to remember a model or adhere to a script precisely, try connecting the feedback message to something the recipient actually loves. That, and also a calm, caring demeanor from you, is prone to ensure that the feedback has your desired effect.

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