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100 indexes under NSE

S.No.Index NamePrice Rs.Change Rs.Change %
1Nifty Bank47,835.80-129.60-0.27%
2India VIX13.61-0.68-4.77%
3Nifty100 Liquid 156,421.004.100.06%
4Nifty Midcap 5013,948.4032.600.23%
5Nifty Midcap Liquid 1511,287.8526.050.23%
6NIFTY Alpha Low-Volatility 3026,240.109.950.04%
7NIFTY Alpha Quality Value Low-Volatility 3018,445.30156.330.85%
8NIFTY Alpha Quality Low-Volatility 3020,707.12214.221.05%
9NIFTY Quality Low-Volatility 3016,194.7957.500.36%
10Nifty Consumer Durables32,782.35127.450.39%
11Nifty200 Momentum 3031,479.15247.550.79%
13Nifty 5022,493.5519.500.09%
14Nifty 10 yr Benchmark G-Sec2,284.933.940.17%
15Nifty 10 yr Benchmark G-Sec (Clean Price)879.101.350.15%
16Nifty 11-15 yr G-Sec Index2,845.713.370.12%
17Nifty 50 Futures TR Index23,932.88552.832.36%
18Nifty 1D Rate Index2,248.394.820.21%
19Nifty 10023,036.0547.700.21%
20Nifty 4-8 yr G-Sec Index2,787.812.230.08%
21NIFTY100 ESG4,405.0016.150.37%
22NIFTY100 Enhanced ESG4,417.8155.301.27%
23Nifty100 ESG Sector Leaders3,712.453.850.10%
24Nifty100 Equal Weight29,295.35133.450.46%
25Nifty 20012,417.2526.000.21%
26Nifty 15 yr and above G-Sec Index3,156.334.710.15%
27NIFTY200 Quality 3018,937.10158.200.84%
28Nifty 50020,434.8055.250.27%
29NIFTY500 Value 5013,042.08134.751.04%
30Nifty 50 Arbitrage2,289.0916.210.71%
31Nifty 8-13 yr G-Sec2,579.324.120.16%
32Nifty Aditya Birla Group7,206.4282.951.16%
33Nifty Alpha 5046,686.00349.950.76%
34Nifty Auto21,126.80-54.50-0.26%
35Nifty Commodities8,480.0548.050.57%
36Nifty India Consumption10,021.0059.400.60%
37Nifty CPSE6,039.70-6.00-0.10%
38Nifty50 Dividend Points220.3100.00%
39Nifty Dividend Opportunities 505,898.8531.850.54%
40Nifty Energy40,301.80-149.70-0.37%
41Nifty Financial Services21,005.8519.700.09%
42Nifty FMCG54,406.30526.700.98%
43Nifty Financial Services Ex-Bank Index22,749.04367.491.64%
44NIFTY DEFTY9,131.42-17.58-0.19%
45Nifty Digital Index7,718.8036.350.47%
46NIFTY50 Equal Weight28,399.00104.650.37%
47Nifty Growth Sectors 157,690.75318.554.32%
48Nifty Composite G-sec Index2,669.073.610.14%
49Nifty High Beta 503,746.4066.261.80%
50Nifty Infrastructure8,329.30-6.15-0.07%
51Nifty IT37,099.9098.100.27%
52Nifty Next 5060,323.90517.800.87%
53NIFTY LargeMidcap 25014,046.2532.400.23%
54Nifty Low Volatility 5022,060.73134.490.61%
55Nifty Media1,988.3549.302.54%
56Nifty Metal8,371.30113.651.38%
57Nifty Mahindra Group24,562.25541.922.26%
58Nifty Healthcare Index11,990.2517.650.15%
59Nifty Manufacturing12,135.1046.150.38%
60NIFTY Midcap 10048,966.15108.850.22%
61Nifty Midcap 15017,995.7045.700.25%
62Nifty Microcap 25019,750.3074.300.38%
63Nifty Housing Index10,589.35273.582.65%
64Nifty India Defence Index4,551.08302.547.12%
65Nifty Midcap Select10,890.407.850.07%
66Nifty MNC25,187.5553.250.21%
67Nifty Pharma19,194.1054.100.28%
68Nifty50 PR 1x Inverse214.40-0.15-0.07%
69Nifty50 PR 2x Leverage12,541.3519.550.16%
70Nifty PSE9,598.80-6.05-0.06%
71Nifty PSU Bank7,341.2516.450.22%
72Nifty MidSmallcap 40016,879.7575.700.45%
73Nifty Private Bank23,848.15-90.65-0.38%
74Nifty Realty916.50-1.35-0.15%
75Nifty Services Sector28,225.1053.650.19%
76NIFTY Smallcap 10015,709.00132.450.85%
77Nifty Smallcap 25014,803.20119.000.81%
78Nifty Smallcap 507,244.5066.350.92%
79NIFTY SME EMERGE12,364.94-217.54-1.73%
80Nifty Tata Group18,535.69658.673.68%
81Nifty50 TR 1x Inverse179.40-0.15-0.08%
82Nifty50 TR 2x Leverage17,945.0527.950.16%
83Nifty Tata Group 25% Cap16,225.66621.333.98%
84Nifty Total Market index11,477.4031.450.27%
85NIFTY Midcap150 Quality 5020,635.3563.000.31%
86NIFTY100 Quality 305,164.5034.550.67%
87Nifty Oil & Gas11,768.25-142.95-1.20%
88Nifty Mobility Index18,067.90482.602.74%
89Nifty Non-Cyclical Consumer Index13,812.22150.221.10%
90NIFTY100 Alpha 3017,062.51553.633.35%
91Nifty50 Value 2012,545.9551.750.41%
92Nifty100 Low Volatility 3018,269.9532.250.18%
93Nifty Financial Services 25/5022,808.8089.950.40%
94Nifty Shariah 257,988.22100.261.27%
95Nifty500 Shariah6,769.2289.401.34%
96Nifty50 Shariah4,860.0534.580.72%
97Nifty500 Multicap 50:25:2514,042.7551.700.37%
98Nifty Transportation & Logistics index20,134.80623.003.19%
99NIFTY FULL MIDCAP 1005,987.56-42.80-0.71%
100NIFTY FULL SMALLCAP1004,000.01-72.21-1.77%

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