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70 indexes under BSE

1S&P Bse Sensex74,119.3933.400.05%
2S&P Bse 10023,408.1752.080.22%
3S&P Bse 20010,158.4420.610.20%
4S&P Bse 50032,311.5490.650.28%
5S&P Bse Information Technology37,744.24126.700.34%
6S&P Bse Fast Moving Consumer19,554.05189.240.98%
7S&P Bse Capital Goods59,466.79617.241.05%
8S&P Bse Consumer Durables52,673.36144.870.28%
9S&P Bse Healthcare34,896.1375.670.22%
10S&P Bse Dollex 2002,042.836.450.32%
11S&P Bse Teck16,892.7169.720.41%
12S&P Bse PSU19,184.0017.550.09%
13S&P Bse Dollex 307,350.1511.600.16%
14S&P Bse Bankex54,394.38-172.36-0.32%
15S&P Bse Auto48,387.93-172.48-0.36%
16S&P Bse Metal28,737.21386.511.36%
17S&P Bse Oil & Gas28,466.20-358.59-1.24%
18S&P Bse Mid Cap39,852.85152.960.39%
19S&P Bse Small Cap44,653.57310.000.70%
20S&P Bse Dollex 1002,924.949.800.34%
21S&P Bse Realty7,235.84-8.34-0.12%
22S&P Bse Power6,829.4554.440.80%
23S&P Bse IPO13,423.64196.341.48%
24S&P Bse Greenex6,530.480.800.01%
25S&P Bse Carbonex3,810.867.460.20%
26S&P Bse SME IPO57,332.241,513.882.71%
27S&P Bse 500 Shariah9,126.5522.070.24%
28S&P Bse Infrastructure580.183.030.52%
29S&P Bse CPSE3,670.010.540.01%
30S&P Bse Basic Materials6,699.3866.611.00%
31S&P Bse Consumer Discretionary8,578.2317.670.21%
32S&P Bse Finance10,414.1123.430.23%
33S&P Bse Large MidCap9,561.6221.030.22%
34S&P Bse MidSmallCap11,284.0161.310.55%
35S&P Bse Industrials12,502.11115.040.93%
36S&P Bse Energy12,335.15-142.15-1.14%
37S&P Bse Telecom2,521.4024.480.98%
38S&P Bse Utilities5,644.1138.240.68%
39S&P Bse LargeCap8,720.5816.000.18%
40S&P Bse Allcap9,402.9827.870.30%
41BSE – 30 PE25.390.040.16%
42BSE – 100 PE25.290.080.32%
43BSE – 200 PE25.500.080.31%
44BSE – 30 Price to Book Value3.770.010.27%
45BSE – 100 BV3.830.010.26%
46BSE 200 – BV3.840.010.26%
47BSE – 30 Yield1.1000.00%
48BSE – 100 Yield1.1600.00%
49BSE – 200 Yield1.13-0.01-0.88%
50S&P Bse Manufacturing998.031.730.17%
51S&P Bse SmallCap Select Index6,618.0455.890.85%
52S&P Bse MidCap Select Index14,398.7960.030.42%
53S&P Bse Enhanced Value897.920.350.04%
54S&P Bse Low Volatility1,721.045.170.30%
55S&P Bse Momentum1,919.5613.870.73%
56S&P Bse Quality1,710.685.640.33%
57S&P Bse Sensex Next 5070,708.90543.130.77%
58S&P Bse Sensex5023,603.7824.400.10%
59S&P Bse Bharat 22 Index8,406.544.500.05%
60S&P Bse Dividend Stability976.601.440.15%
61S&P Bse 100 ESG Index365.8400.00%
62S&P Bse 150 MidCap13,504.1771.320.53%
63S&P Bse 250 SmallCap5,976.7047.710.80%
64S&P Bse 250 LargeMidCap9,617.6322.250.23%
65S&P Bse 250 LargeMidCap 65:3510,514.7630.480.29%
66S&P Bse 400 MidSmallCap10,282.9963.430.62%
67S&P Bse 100 LargeCap TMC8,367.0813.370.16%
68S&P Bse Private Bank17,032.01-27.37-0.16%
69S&P Bse Diversified Finl. Rev.1,304.5511.300.87%
70S&P BSE Services1,375.696.960.51%

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