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Stock Market Update: Today Market Top 50 Gainers Stocks

Top 50 Gainers Stocks

ompany NamePrice (₹)Change (₹)Change (%)
Mittal Life Style Ltd₹2.70+₹0.4520.00%
BGR Energy Systems Ltd₹114.00+₹19.0020.00%
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Ltd₹277.80+₹46.3020.00%
TRF Ltd₹327.70+₹54.6019.99%
Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Ltd₹554.90+₹92.4519.99%
Pakka Limited₹348.15+₹58.0019.99%
EIH Ltd₹426.50+₹71.0519.99%
Indian Overseas Bank₹81.05+₹13.5019.99%
UCO Bank₹70.55+₹11.7519.98%
Balaji Telefilms Ltd₹110.50+₹18.4019.98%
W S Industries (India) Ltd₹170.60+₹28.4019.97%
Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd₹26.50+₹4.4019.91%
Oriental Trimex Ltd₹11.45+₹1.9019.90%
Yes Bank Limited₹30.45+₹5.0519.88%
Sakthi Sugars Ltd₹39.80+₹6.6019.88%
Trent Ltd₹3,626.30+₹591.3019.48%
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd₹160.65+₹25.7019.04%
Sanghvi Movers Ltd₹1,025.00+₹161.0018.63%
Pasupati Acrylon Ltd₹50.50+₹7.7518.13%
Maan Aluminium Ltd₹166.65+₹23.0516.05%
EIH Associated Hotels Ltd₹795.00+₹108.5015.80%
Visaka Industries Limited₹156.00+₹19.6514.41%
Central Bank of India Ltd₹76.05+₹9.5014.27%
Parag Milk Foods Ltd₹237.00+₹29.3014.11%
KIOCL Ltd₹472.00+₹57.0013.73%
UCAL Ltd₹181.50+₹21.7013.58%
Action Construction Equipment Ltd₹1,120.00+₹129.6513.09%
Triveni Turbine Ltd₹480.00+₹55.2012.99%
Nahar Spinning Mills Limited₹358.55+₹40.2012.63%
Ugar Sugar Works Ltd₹95.95+₹10.3512.09%
ESAF Small Finance Bank Limited₹78.50+₹8.0511.43%
Birla Cable Ltd₹325.10+₹32.3011.03%
Texmo Pipes and Products Ltd₹95.50+₹9.2010.66%
SMC Global Securities Ltd₹139.00+₹13.3510.62%
HLV Ltd₹39.40+₹3.7510.52%
Delta Corp Ltd₹151.00+₹14.3510.50%
Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd₹81.20+₹7.5510.25%
Bharat Gears Ltd₹129.30+₹11.9510.18%
Gensol Engineering Ltd₹1,147.30+₹104.3010.00%
Sambhaav Media Ltd₹4.95+₹0.4510.00%
One 97 Communications Ltd (Paytm)₹496.25+₹45.1010.00%
Azad Engineering Ltd₹988.20+₹89.8010.00%
McLeod Russel India Ltd₹30.35+₹2.759.96%
Bank of Maharashtra Ltd₹67.90+₹6.159.96%
BF Utilities Ltd₹779.55+₹70.459.94%
Mangalam Global Enterprise Ltd₹23.25+₹2.109.93%
Sadbhav Engineering Ltd₹29.40+₹2.659.91%
MEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd₹18.45+₹1.659.82%
Hindustan Motors Ltd₹22.40+₹2.009.80%
Lypsa Gems & Jewellery Ltd₹6.95+₹0.609.45%


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