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Two Dividend Stocks Data Details

Hindustan Zinc Ltd

Profit & Loss

DataMar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023TTM
Sales +11,40512,70013,63614,78814,18117,27322,08221,11818,56122,62929,44034,09829,893
Expenses +5,3366,1726,7177,3387,9237,5349,81210,4489,69110,95713,21416,57715,627
Operating Profit6,0696,5286,9197,4506,2589,73912,27010,6708,87011,67216,22617,52114,266
OPM %53%51%51%50%44%56%56%51%48%52%55%51%48%
Other Income +1,5001,9661,8812,7883,1272,4741,9561,7821,9111,8191,0821,3731,179
Profit before tax6,9457,8207,9709,5708,62310,20012,49710,4568,39010,57414,10115,29711,118
Tax %20%12%13%15%5%18%26%24%19%25%32%31%
Net Profit +5,5266,8996,9058,1788,1758,3169,2767,9566,8057,9809,63010,5208,334
EPS in Rs13.0816.3316.3419.3519.3519.6821.9518.8316.1118.8922.7924.9019.72
Dividend Payout %18%19%21%23%144%149%36%106%102%113%79%303%
Compounded Sales Growth
10 Years:10%
5 Years:9%
3 Years:22%
Compounded Profit Growth
10 Years:6%
5 Years:4%
3 Years:16%
Stock Price CAGR
10 Years:9%
5 Years:1%
3 Years:2%
1 Year:-2%
Return on Equity
10 Years:23%
5 Years:26%
3 Years:30%
Last Year:44%

Oil & Natural Gas Corpn Ltd

Profit & Loss

DataMar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023TTM
Sales +140,147161,984174,121160,923124,036282,506322,706421,624396,728303,849491,246632,291640,333
Expenses +94,797118,482124,991118,61084,901229,702265,817346,805344,623254,375411,373556,764542,473
Operating Profit45,35043,50149,13042,31239,13552,80456,88974,81952,10549,47379,87475,52797,860
OPM %32%27%28%26%32%19%18%18%13%16%16%12%15%
Other Income +11,0755,4887,1705,9551,06712,72410,4299,56798211,2716,797-305,650
Profit before tax42,80436,74239,41327,37020,05241,71839,20854,84618,96230,12654,09143,05166,347
Tax %34%35%32%35%35%30%34%38%40%29%9%24%
Net Profit +28,42823,99426,66517,70313,10229,16926,06833,93811,45621,36049,29432,77850,386
EPS in Rs21.9318.8720.6514.2910.0319.0317.2324.288.5912.9636.1928.1733.33
Dividend Payout %30%34%31%44%56%40%38%29%58%28%29%40%
Compounded Sales Growth
10 Years:15%
5 Years:14%
3 Years:17%
Compounded Profit Growth
10 Years:5%
5 Years:12%
3 Years:37%
Stock Price CAGR
10 Years:2%
5 Years:11%
3 Years:38%
1 Year:79%
Return on Equity
10 Years:12%
5 Years:13%
3 Years:14%
Last Year:14%

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